Arlin and Monica welcome  you to Desibar Ranch. WE have had horses our whole
lives, We have our own private riding geldings, and also a couple mares, and foals.  We
do not sell broke horses, only weanlings/yearlings, as I enjoy teaching them through
out the winter and by time spring comes, our then yearlings are so gentle and we have a
lot of repeat buyers and also alot of referrals.  Our vet does our vaccinations and they
were done the 2nd of June this year, we give 5 way, West Nile, and Rabies, Also
wormed on a time schedule.  Farrier work always done every 6 weeks.  We always
believe in starting the foals hands on, everything, main thing we believe is first of all an
excellent DISPOSITION/conformation and color.  Too many folks make the mistake of
just picking for color, that is not the way to go. WE have sold to France, Canada,
Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Texas,
Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona,
Pennsylvania, Georgia, Illinois, Alabama, South Dakota and more, we are proud. We
do have a indoor riding arena if you want to see the prospects movement, we do NOT
do videos on weanlings!  We believe highly in an all around horse, some are bred for
reining, ranch work, or speed events, depends on their breeding, also Trail riding.  We
like our horses to have good bone, nice hipped and baby doll heads, strong legs.
Above is Blue Onyx her barn name, she is a TRUE BLUE ROAN AQHA
2016 yearling filly.  She is NFS as we are keeping her til next year and see
how she turns out, she is an exceptional filly, Diposition/bred/color, She will
be a big filly as she just turned one year.  I am in the process of just redoing
my site, please be patient, we have a lot going on this year, thankyou. DBR
HANCOCK BLUEDOC is her registered name, she is a true blue.  Very faint
star,  no other markings,  Picture taken june 4th, 2017.  Onyx is a beauty.
2017 FOALS
Pics on both side are of
a super nice red dun
AQHA mare out of
skipa st gold, the sire
most our babies are
out of, she is a 4 year
old we sold as a
weanling to Tracey of
Florida, she updates us
all the time, of
HOTSHOT, she is an
awesome red dun, she
has slight brindling on
her side, all these foals
out of Skipa St Gold
and the same mares
really turn out to be
nice working ranch
horses or nice trail,
they always have
PEDIGREE super. 5
panel Neg. also.
DBR LEO SPLASH BAR, my 10 year old Reg. Sabino APHA mare we
raised, this girl is smart, she will flex with me with nothing on her, leg cues,
side passes, and when you say whoa you best be ready.  Gorgeous mare,
BTW the babies chewed her tail, otherwise it would be almost to the ground
Here is a shot of a silver gorgeous grulla we had, barn name TAZZY, Reg.
AQHA grulla foundation bred, oh he was flat out bred and gorgeous, We
have had so many grullas and he I would say was the knockout of the
bunch, he was to stay but the last minute a person said they wanted to
purchase him, then after 4 months asked me if I wanted to buy him back
they wanted something older to start on team penning and stuff, PEOPLE,
you know young horses are not ready so please don't do this, he was
important to me, and I let him go, so be sure.
Here is an awesome picture of Zipin Fancy Bonanza, our loud APHA
BREEDERS TRUST ENROLLED overo gelding we raised, he is 10 now. We
sponsered a young lady at kirkwood equestrian Center, in cedar rapids,
Iowa with him, this is where this picture was taken, and she took him
through almost 3 months of schooling in her classes with him, Melissa also
bought an awesome bay roan yearling from us, she took on to reining with
her, Melissa was a very special young lady with a lot of talent with horses.
She took the bay filly she purchased from us and did all the work to start,
lots of talen that young lady had, then of course the guy stage came along
and she had to go off to college and decided to see Brie the bay roan.
Here is ToFancy to beleive, my Registered 21 year old
sorrel overo paint gelding I have had since a 4 year old,
he has been the best riding partner all these years, wish
we could roll back time, he is still doing good, Fancy
Bonanza bred, we love that breeding, thanks for the years
Above is Monica left at our home, and Arlin right on his buckskin gelding Jos Dandy
Investment, he has owned for 12 years, My website unfortunately I took down, I was going
to quit doing it, we had alot of things going on last year and this year, with my folks, so I did
erase everything, but my husband talked me back into putting it back up, which is work, I
lost everything, so it slowly but surely is coming back up, we do have 3 foals, but I am
keeping them through the winter, to work with and it helps keep your mind off other things,
therapy, so by the time spring rolls around they are big baby dolls, in your pocket, and not
only that, their dispositions are awesome, bred, and color color color.  We had a buckskin
stud colt this year we sold so fast, she is is sold, out of my mare, DBR ZIPS GOLDEN
LADY, on the foal page.  But I always keep my site UTD so keep browsing around.  I am
taking a 2 year old next year as a 3 year old to have trained, he is a bay dun on her, peppy
san badger and colonel freckles, quiet and he is super built with a gorgeous head
We are located 2 hours NORTHEAST of DesMoines, Iowa, by Waverly, Iowa where the big
draft horse sale is held twice a year.  We have a indoor riding arena, 66 x 144 and our other
barn is 45 x 63.  Stalls in both.  When we do sell our weanlings/yearlings we do require a
DEPOSIT of half down nonrefundable, and coggins is up to the new owners to pay, and if
you want a vet check, that is your bill too,  You can reach us at 319-404-3814, ask for
Monica or Arlin and leave a message please.  In summer we are busy busy, so outside alot.
This is the inside of our indoor arena, it is 66 wide by 144 long, we have stalls
down at the other end, above industrial fans so when you ride you stay cool
and I work the young ones alot in there as weanlings. 2 overhead electric doors
We have another nice barn 45 x 63 with stalls and alot of room for the horses
to run in and out of as they please, with alot of FANS!!!!! the appreciate it!
The Registered palomino overo above who tested five panel N/N we sold to
Jesse, in New Jersey last year, these are this years pics 2017 as a 2 year old,
his barn name is Pharoah, he is registered, and Jesse has done wonders with
this gorgeous gelding, most all ground work done, time for the saddle, we
thank Jesse for all the pictures he updates us with, he found the beest home!
Pharoah has skips artist on his papers and two eyed red buck, bred well.
Above is my AQHA grulla filly, we sold to France, few years back, the one
on the left is her, she is 100% foundation across the boards, that is why they
wanted her, we had her 2 years, she has had a few gorgeous foals over there.
Above is my mare, AQHA, DBR ZIPS GOLDEN LADY, who was bred to
my friend Tims, Golden gorgeous stallion, SKIPA ST GOLD, look what she
had, another stud colt this year, 3 in a row now, buckskin and gorgeous,
they always have the nice dispositions, but this colts pedigree will be
awesome with peppy and skipper.  Skipper is proudly owned by Tim of
Decorah, Iowa.  This stud colt was sold the minute he hit the ground, who
could blame anyone! Picture June 20th, 2017, his dam is in the above pic
with her head turned. Peppy the mares barn name is flat out gorgeous with a
DISPOSITION OF GOLD herself, she craves attention.  Congrats new
owner, no outside breeding on this stallion, bred to same mares yearly.