November first, 2016 of Chex.
Click above for the five generation pedigree of this Classy fancy RED DUN OVERO stud colt.  
He will take you to the show classes with his fancy light red dun color and marked loudly, no blue
eyes, although we don't care!  We just weaned him, and he really blossomed, we wormed him, he
gets grained, hay and pasture and he just went to town growing at his young age of  May foaled,
2017.  I already have him haltering, picking up his feet, leading and tying, of course I work on it
daily, not just a few times.  His sire is 5 panel N/N and a Palomino and mare is a red roan overo,
very well put together.  Take a look at him, you will drool, he has nice nice straight legs, gorgeous
HALTER HEAD, great hipped, put together in all the correct places, he could take you to any
discipline, but show he would win!  He is loving the grass and always has shelter in our barn.
All the above pictures of SCOTCH, our colts barn name are in our
indoor arena, when I really worked day in and out with HIM and
others, stalled at night, indoor arena all day. Early August, 2017,
for 2 weeks, now I have HIM and buddies in pasture working with
them, usually don't leave halters on, but our place is pretty fool
proof, we work hard on it, to be that way, they will come off soon.
Above are all pictures of SCOTCH, barn name, enjoying all the grass and
playing around since I moved them outside, I still spend every day with them
and really did good on weaning, pleasantly surprised.  This colt is Reg.
APHA red dun overo, he is a flashy flashy OVERO colt.  I love the RED
DUN color and he has all his dun factor.  Papers I already have at the
APHA. I always have new pictures of our foals because I have had so many
people talk that other people don't switch up their pics, and they do grow
awfully fast.  These are all August 23rd, 2017. Enjoy looking around our
website, anything catches your eyes besides our personal horses, give a
holler, we are always here to please.  WE do have the right of refusal to any
homes we feel are not appropriate, we do care about each and every one of
our foals.
Above is a picture of Scotchs SIRE, he is a Registered, AQHA palomino stud,
which carries some of the champagne traits, his legs are light golden you can
see, his conformation is outstanding, pretty headed, our foal stud colt out of
him, really took on her dams disposition or his, but then I worked him, the
colt pretty early on, twice a day, takes work and consistency, just a week past 3
months old, we weaned him, with another foal, and he was fed top brand
grain, and hay and now in pasture, he really picked up, and filled out, very
super nice colt, he needs to be shown, be great halter, but also other
disciplines. A really nice colt for some young girl that loves horses to take to
the smaller shows, Take a look around, CHAMPAGNECAVIAR PIP is his
registered name. Pip for short, tested 5 panel NEGATIVE through UC DAVIS.
Above is the APHA Reg. dams PEDIGREE to Scotch, her pedigree
is on the free pedigree site also,  she is a very stunning red roan
overo, with very very nice conformaton and a disposition of gold,
she loves attention.  Nice pedigree too, Tested HYPP N/N through
UC DAVIS. The sire is 5 panel tested,  the colt is HYPP N/N, we
have the papers for proof too!  Look around enjoy!
Above is the flat out gorgeous dam
to Scotch our stud colt. S
Robin Miss, She is really a looker,
in good shape & threw a
handsome stud colt, this year.
Scotch our stud colt hiding
his head behind his dam, he
is an awesome colt and she is
Early August, 2017, awesome
Early August, picture of the
dam to Scotch, 2017.  
Socketts Robin Miss
GENERATION PEDIGREE, a new window will come up.
September first, 2017 pictures of
scotch, out to pasture, halters off
now, doing good!