My family 2017 on fathers day, don't ever take your parents for granted, ever.  My mother had a stroke and after that broke her
hip last thanksgiving, so it has been a long haul for all our family and my father trying to keep her going and my dad also who is 91
& trys to be always cheerful.  My mother is 85, I am Monica Hosek to the left, Arlin my awesome husband to the right, we own
Desibar Ranch, and below is my mother and father, and other blonde is my sister, we have all really rallied together to help our
folks, and be there for them, they were always there for us.  Also a brother in galena, Illinois who comes once a month to visit. We
have all learned alot through this, always being there for our parents, you only have one set, so please don't take them for granted,
my mom is not in the best health, but we all love her, she is a beautiful woman and always was, my father always smiling.  I call
them everyday, my sister works at the hospital down the street and not far from them lives, so she helps out alot, arlin and I do as
much as we can.  I just wanted to get pics up so I can look at them & NEVER FORGET, how very much we do love them, and it
has brought the family close together, love you mom & dad.  Debbie my stepdaughter from standwood, iowa is sitting with my
parents too, with the brown hair, she is an awesome stepdaughter to have around, We are blessed to still have our folks around.
Our wonderful dad on
his 91st fathers day, you
are the best dad ever.
To my Mom who we love very much on the left, she did have a bad broken
hip and stroke, went through lots of PT for her hip, takes alot to come
through that at her age, plus other things happen after all that mind wise.
Collen my sister
with my dad
2017 fathers day,
Deb my stepdaughter, but really
I call her my real daughter with
my folks they adore her
Wade my nephew I adore and his girlfriend Maddie, in Colorado where they moved a yr.
ago, they love it out there and happy as ever.  Wades Black lab enjoys it to as you see
below in the picutre! But now he has another buddy to play with, another black lab!
Cool picture of Wades big black lab leaping in the air, loving colorado
Paisley only 3 now, 2017 and has had numerous surgeries on her kidneys
since birth, this tough little girl is pushing on, she was in texas for her last
surgery, she has been a trooper and still going through things, someone her
age should not have to go through as much as she has in hospitals and
doctors, from birth.  She is my stepdaughters sons daughter.  She is
holding her catheter she had to carry around all the time imagine that at
her age, sometimes life just is not fair, but we keep pushing through, we
love you little one, you are a special little girl in your parents eyes, Love
Justin my nephew, Courtney my niece, Keven my brother and mom and dad in much
better days at my brothers log home in the galena, hills, things change fast, sad.
Log home in the galena hills, it was nice while it lasted, got sold,
Courtney my niece and her stepdad and jane her mom with justin my nephew
My parents with cisco here before my moms stroke
and they visited alot for dinners, we miss that.  
July 14th, 2017 Arlin and I went to visit my brother and girlfriend in his new
house in the Galena territories, I got lost in the house, it is 8,000 square ft.  
What is neat, they have a huge stable for the people who live there, shenadoah
stables, golfcourse, tennis courts, lodge, really nice, we just enjoyed our time
visiting with them and riding around in the ranger looking at things. Nice day,
had the best pizza ever!  We just enjoyed the day, so nice and gorgeous yards,
and drive around and see the stables, now that is a huge stable!
Here is Kathy, Kevens GF, with their new cockapoo, arlin and i have a huge
aussie, most don't get as big as ours, 110 pounds, and we have a morkie and
teddy bear, but we prefer big dogs, but this cockapoo is the cutest
nonshedding pup I ever saw, out of a STANDARD sized poodle and
cockerspaniel, softest fur ever, I would now think of getting one, but not till
one of ours is gone. This pup has a lot of room to run, he thought I was
shooting him with the camera like a gun, he barked and barked!!!!! July 2017
My brother in the chair and kathy and the pup, giving me dirty looks!!!!!
Arlin my husband talking to keven, we really enjoyed our day, thankyou!
Harley the pup thinking he is gonna get me and the camera, tough pup!!!
Kathy and Harley he looks like a teddy bear, only 4 months old, gonna grow
Monica July 14th, 2017
Justin my nephew, kevens boy,
he is all married/kids, miss
seeing him, use to stay with
arlin and I all the time, now all
grown up, recent pic the last year
Drew and Wade my nephews, my
sisters two boys, at the ocean.
Jodi, from Indiana one of my dearest long time
friends, I went and visited her about 10 years
ago, this is her gorgeous wedding picture, she
got married June of this year 2017, yea for her,
She has some gorgeous horses too. I love ya
girl. Am so happy for you now, finally!!!!!!!!
Deb and Terry Hochhalter, are good friends from north dakota,
they raise gorgeous paints, and stand a gorgeous APHA
black/white stud and grulla AQHA stud also. Use on their own
private stock to breed. they came and visited June of this year,
2017, was great to see them.  Look them up their foals are nice.
Susie and Glenn, my oldest stepdaughter and her husband
who live in Connecticut at a birthday party. Aug. 2017
Glenn and Susies youngest Zachary, out of school now
Brandon, Sue and glenns oldest with his brother Zach!
ARLIN 2017,
Monis husband
Moni, 2017 with APHA REG.
red dun tobiano filly, Star Dust.