Arlin my husband talking to keven, we really enjoyed our day, thankyou!
Harley the pup thinking he is gonna get me and the camera, tough pup!!!
Monica July 14th, 2017
Justin my nephew, kevens boy,
he is all married/kids, miss
seeing him, use to stay with
arlin and I all the time, now all
grown up, recent pic the last year
Drew and Wade my nephews, my
sisters two boys, at the ocean.
Deb and Terry Hochhalter, are good friends from north dakota,
they raise gorgeous paints, and stand a gorgeous APHA
black/white stud and grulla AQHA stud also. Use on their own
private stock to breed. they came and visited June of this year,
2017, was great to see them.  Look them up their foals are super
nice and when weaned they halter break them a few days, it all
helps.  Decent prices, for such well bred horses, shipping is
always the problem, when people find a foal or horse far away, it
costs quite a bit to ship.  I use to have the best shipper she quit
and took a different job, she is an awesome friend still.  
Susie and Glenn, my oldest stepdaughter and her husband
who live in Connecticut at a birthday party. Aug. 2017
Glenn and Susies youngest Zachary, out of school now
Brandon, Sue and glenns oldest with his brother Zach!