June 2017 of onyx in pasture.
June 2017 of onyx in pasture, by our INDOOR ARENA
Chex on left, June 2017, our AQHA 2 year old Freckles
playboy gelding, with Blue Onyx our Yearing AQHA
BLUE ROAN filly, Onyx will be a big girl! Face is coal
black, not a speck of bay, these 2 are buds in the pasture.
Blue Onyx back at the paddock from pasture,
crop duster was flying over, July 31st, 2017
Blue Onyx, black as coal face, she is a TRUE BLUE, we are not changing papers unless
we ever decide to sell as anyone can see she is a black faced true blue roan filly, need to
wait to register these roans, they change in a matter of months, pic taken Aug. 23rd, 2017
Blue Onyx pasture, she is one gorgeous TRUE BLUE roans, disposition/color/Pedigree,
Aug. 23, 2017. Onyx is only a yearling!  Both pics above, she will be an awesome filly.
July 14th, 2017
JULY 31st, 2017 of onyx, came up to get a drink!
JULY 31st, 2017, ONYX
JULY 31st, 2017, ONYX
War Leo Badger, sire to blue onyx, he is 5 panel negative,
gorgeous boy, a dun roan.  He is now sold to another family.
Arlin with blue onyx August 23rd in the barn, do ya think there
is a bit of love there!  She is such a friendly gorgeous blue!
Above blue onyx with his dam, Reg. AQHA blue roan, faded out in sun, has
the black face just like blue onyx does when a foal!  Leo Hancock hayes is
right on the main papers, That sire even though passed, still has a huge stud
fee on him.  Of course Blue Valentine, Red Man, Doc Bar, lots of greats.  
We love this mare, only can handle so many horses at once.